The Church (or Body of Believers) may often be perceived as a social structure that resembles a company, where people bring their talents and gifts to render the institution successful. The sign of success for most companies is seen in their finances….in their profit margin. The bible views the Church within a social structure as well, but sees it as a living entity whose ultimate goal is to see itself profit from the spiritual strengths of each member. The people are the Church and belong to a greater organism, namely Yeshua the Messiah. The Body of believers has been blessed with spiritual gifts given to us by our wonderful Savior, that His kingdom may establish a presence in and a witness to each generation. The ministries section is devoted to displaying the many facets of this living Body of believers in Beth Ariel, and to sharing its impact within our congregation, city and even nation. As Yeshua is the Head of this remarkable Body, these gifts are to build up and edify the family of Messiah which is His Company of Believers.