About us – Ariel Ministries Canada

Who we are

Ariel means Lion of God, and we are blessed to be able to represent Yeshua, Who is our Lion of God, our Redeemer and Messiah.  Ariel is also an alternate name for Jerusalem (Isaiah 29; 1, 2, 7), the city of peace, now waiting for the Prince of Peace to return. Ariel Ministries was first established in San Antonio, Texas, in 1977, by renowned bible teacher Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum, a graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary.  Dr. Fruchtenbaum has authored 9 books, including his dissertation, Israelology, the Missing Link in Systematic Theology. Ariel Ministries has international branches in Germany, New Zealand, Canada, Israel, Australia and Hungary, with India being the latest branch to open under the Ariel banner. Its head office is in San Antonio, Texas.

Ariel Ministries Canada was established in 1996 in order to facilitate the ongoing work of evangelism and discipleship in Canada.  Ariel Canada’s founding director is Jacques Isaac Gabizon, a Sephardic Jewish believer in Yeshua. Born in Morocco and hailing from a long line of rabbinical ancestry, Mr. Gabizon came to faith in Yeshua in 1977, after investigating and accepting the claims of the Old Testament prophets as to who is the Messiah.

What we do

Since its foundation, the Canadian branch has been involved in many projects, such as door-to-door evangelism of Jewish homes in Montreal, where close to 1750 Old and New Testament Bibles have already been distributed, along with hundreds of tracts and relevant videos. We are involved in the translation work of Ariel manuscripts into French. We have free quarterly newsletters in English and French which provide excellent teaching. There is Russian material available as well. Ariel Canada has established a messianic congregation in Montreal called Beth Ariel.

What we believe

Ariel Ministries holds a strong doctrinal pre-millennial, pre-tribulational position, recognizing Israel as a separate entity in the plan of God, and defending the biblical position that God is not through dealing with Israel, nor are His promises for her yet fully fulfilled. We seek to encourage a balanced program of discipleship and evangelism, and recognize that in these “last days” there is a great need for Jewish outreach. Yet we cannot accomplish these works on our own, but need our brothers and sisters in the Lord; Jews and Gentiles alike, to join and continue with us in this endeavor.

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