Ariel Ministries Canada : Our Purpose

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This site is designed and devoted to sharing with all (Jew or Gentile, disciple or decider)  a Jewish perspective of the Scriptures. Our desire is to be consistent with the Word of God in revealing the true personhood, character and acts of the Jewish Messiah, Yeshua (Jesus), through Whom we can find true purpose and peace. Along with Ariel USA studies (Dr. A. Fruchtenbaum) Ariel Canada studies (J.Isaac Gabizon) you will also find studies from DTS (Dallas Theological Seminary),  as well as from the David L. Cooper Library.

The door has been opened, both to Jews and Gentiles alike, because he is the Savior of all mankind and we are all made one in him.  We pray that you would find insight, clarity, purpose, strength, courage and most of all faith that is rooted and grounded in the promises found in the Bible, which is called the living Word of God.

Be encouraged! The Messiah is knocking!

 Shalom uv’racha
Peace and blessing

 Peace and blessing as you navigate in the website.