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  • This article will attempt to show the lingering anti-Jewish bias among certain well known and well received Christian teachers who, at the same time, do take a pro-Israel stand and recognize the unique place of Israel as the people of God. Three passages will be highlighted in this article: The fir... [read more]
  • There is a unique book store in downtown Montreal. It is situated on a busy street and even though rent is high, the bookstore thrives. This bookstore sells only travel books, maps and any material related to traveling. What this confirms is that many people plan their traveling itineraries before... [read more]
  • The sanctified signature of the Creator surfaced once again with His autograph of love, a relentless appeal for all men to come to salvation.  And this call persists, despite the mistreatments and insults on the person of the Messiah. Oxymoronically, Yeshua’s attempts to bring those  to a  saving kn... [read more]
  • Book of John (Mp3) 1. Book Of John - Chap 1      April 03 2013 Bible Study 2. Book Of John - Chap. 1     April 10 2013 Bible Study 3. Book Of John - Chap. 1-2  April 17 2013 Bible Study 4. Book Of John - Chap. 2-3  April 24 2013 Bible Study 5. Book Of John - Chap. 3      May 01 2013 Bible S... [read more]